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Meadowsweet Acres Herbs for Horses is dedicated to meeting the needs of today's horse owners with ready mixed and custom blended herbal formulas at affordable prices. To learn more Meadowsweet Acre Herbs, please read all about us.


Meadowsweet Herbals are combinations of natural herbs only. No artificial additives, colorants, soy bases  or prohibitive substances.

We maintain strict quality control and purchase our herbs from sources with the same high standards we believe in.

Our herbal blends have been developed over a number of years of research


Welcome to Meadowsweet Acres

After some  lovely summer  weather, we are finally enteringfall in middle Tennessee. With fall comes some much anticipated changes!  Finally, new buckets and new labels. Yes, I know it has taken us some time but I think we have finally decided on a label that will make everyone very happy.

Super Immune boost is now available not only with Pau D'arco but also Astragalus or Olive Leaf !

Due to some very sad family situations, mainly the loss of both my mom and dad within just 5 months of each other, I think we are finally back on track. Just a very sad time for all of us.


Two new additions to our Super Immune Boost

New Item: Super Immune Boost with Olive Leaf

New Item: Super Immune Boost with Astragalus

New Item: Hoof Formula is back

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